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14 April 2020

New head of the healthcare office of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee was appointed.

13 April 2020

KKUP "Vitebsk Oblast Marketing Center" in connection with the difficult epidemiological situation, taking additional measures to prevent and reduce the spread of SARS, including those caused by COVID-19, opened a charity account.

10 April 2020

In Belarus, the acceptance of applications for participation in the national contest "Entrepreneur of the Year" has begun, the press service of the Ministry of Economy said.

9 April 2020

Vitebsk Oblast enterprises exported almost $ 978 million worth of products to Russian regions in 2019, which is 4.2% more than in 2018, the foreign economic department of Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee said.

8 April 2020

Selective sowing of early grain and leguminous crops began in almost all regions of Vitebsk Oblast, the agriculture and food office of the oblast executive committee said.

7 April 2020

Starting April 1, a third way of paying for travel was introduced in public transport in Vitebsk. Such information was posted on the official web-site JSC Vitebskoblavtotrans.